Moringa Bio Finca Tenerife

“The tree of life for your ongoing health”

Moringa Oleifera originates from the foothills of the Himalayas but over the years growth has now spread around the tropical and



subtropical regions of the world and is now also grown in the southern corner of Europe, particularly in the Canaries, because temperatures do not fall below + 10 ° C, the minimum growth temperature required.

The tree is ideally suited for the desert-like, dry climate in the south of Tenerife. Our 100% organic plantation is located on the sunny west side of the island in an isolated location. In the clear air, fertile volcanic soil, with plenty of sun, no mechanical pollution and no pesticides around the Moringa trees grow quickly – 3-5 meters in the first year.
After one year the harvesting can begin.
We have developed our own manufacturing process in order to offer you the highest quality.



Moringa organic finca

Moringa Bio Finca Tenerife

Moringa Bio Finca Tenerife

The trees are harvested and the leaves and branches are separated from the stem and placed in the Drying room. This takes only a few minutes. Severed branches wither very quickly, therefore only immediate processing is the guarantee of good quality. The leaves retain all the vitamins and essential ingredients. Then the branches are sorted by hand by our Canarian farm workers.

Harvested Moringa field

Harvested Moringa field


The best branches are processed separately to make our Moringa tea. The remaining branches are now carefully separated from the leaves (all still a manual process) and the leaves are distributed onto drying screens. At this stage it is important that not too many leaves are placed on each screen to ensure uniform drying. The drying takes place in a dehydration process developed by us. Extremely dry air at a temperature of 35 ° C is introduced into a hermetically sealed in an insulated drying chamber. When this dry air is allowed to escape the moisture levels in the product is down to about 6%. To keep our leaves beautiful, and still looking lush green, hygienic and sterile production is ensured.

Moringa worlwide

In other continents they often dry the leaves in sunlight in the open air. That process takes a long time, during which animals (birds, mice, chickens, etc.) as well as sand and insects may contaminate the products. The resultant leaves are often speckled brown and have lost important ingredients. Moreover, this air drying process can only reduce moisture levels to about 15% in these tropical countries. Thus, the shelf life may be shortened or even result in the formation of mould. In some countries because of this the product

is then fumigated or irradiated. The parasites are killed but then often are retained amongst the ingredients. Our advice is to avoid products from such countries even if they are offered at a much lower price.

We do not use mechanical harvesters but select each branch manually. Although this is complicated and expensive, we consider it the only way to maintain the absolute quality of our Moringa products. The Canary Islands are a part of Europe and not India, China and Egypt. We pay fair, European wages and are regularly checked by our Food Authority. We do not rely on quantity but on quality. We do not want to be the biggest, but do want to be the best.

This is the secret of our high-grade quality.

Our customers thanks and support is in the dessimination of high-quality, organic and European Moringa produtcs.

We are pleased to invite and offer an tasting. All parts of the Moringa tree is edible. If you are in Tenerife, just call us to have an appointment with us under 0034 660 369 505.

If you not yet in Tenerife, whether you need a holiday , you can book at Teneriffa Traumurlaub .
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The main ingredients in Moringa and their benefits for our health

  • 8 essential amino acids: protect against free radicals and prevent premature aging
  • Vitamin A: important for healthy vision – strengthens eyes and mucous membranes
  • Vitamin C: to strengthen the immune system and the healing of wounds
  • Vitamin E: one of the most important antioxidants for cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  • Calcium: essential for healthy teeth and bone formation
  • Magnesium: Stimulates circulation and muscle stabilization
  • Potassium: ensures metabolism
  • Iron: ensures the oxygenation of cells and blood
  • Zinc: anti-inflammatory and wound healing
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: enhances the function of the brain
  • Zeatin: important neurotransmitter, for the transport of substances in the body for Alzheimer prophylaxis and as anti-aging agent
  • Chlorophyll: strengthens muscles, nerves and the immune system


Moringa Finca Teneriffagrüne Moringa Blätter

These can be raw, cooked or eaten as dried leaf cuttings or powder. Raw and fresh is best, of course. These can then be cut into small pieces and sprinkled over salads or onto other foods as you would use, say, Parsley.
Similarly, you can cook and process like spinach, serve the leaves with garlic.
Sliced leaves can be spread on foods – it has a slight sharpness and can be used as a seasoning on the food.
The dried leaves are processed for the production of highly nutritious Moringa powder. This can then be added to foods or sauces and so increase the nutritional value considerably. This green, highly concentrated powder can be stored for many months without refrigeration and without loss of quality.
From the dried leaves we make tea. This has a slightly grassy flavour with a slight but pleasant sharpness.


Shoots of Moringa oleifera

The Moringa shoots benefit a balanced diet and healthy. They include many nutrients which support the body. These include vitamins, iron, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants and essential amino acids. These ingredients are found in greater quantities in the young seedlings and can be better absorbed by the body. When these are eaten raw all ingredients are present.

Seeds of Moringa

Moringa Samen

Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds are processed into high-quality light yellow Behen oil. This oil contains about 80% unsaturated fatty acids, and has a mild, slightly nutty taste. It is ideal as an edible oil , but normally because of its cost it is replaced in your diet by cheaper oils.Moringa oil has a high stability and is hardly ever turns rancid so it was formerly used as a gun oil and oil clocks. Behen oil also has a perfume – together with its fixing properties it is therefore ideal for the production of cosmetics. The pressed cakes remaining after processing are used to purify water and as animal feed or for composting. New trees are grown from the seeds. Every tree produces several thousand seeds every year.The seeds can be processed like peas and also as roasted nuts or seeds processed into powder once they have been removed from the mature pods.

“The great natural wonder show”

Of interest may be Ranga Yogeshwar showing in the Frank Elstner show “The great natural wonder show” the purification of polluted water with powder from the grated Moringa seeds. Videos can be found on Youtube :


The fruits of the Moringa are green, oblong pods which range from about 30 cm to about a meter long. Inside the pods, seeds are

Moringa Drumsticks

Moringa Drumsticks

stored. The pods contain 30-80 seeds on average. Young pods, cut into pieces about 5 cm long, can be excellent to cook as a vegetable but may also be eaten raw. In the Ayurveda cuisine they are an essential component.


Moringa Blossom

Moringa Blossom

The flowers of the Moringa smell of honey and attract bees.
Beekeepers produce a very mild tasting, aromatic honey.
The flowers are eaten raw, processed in salads, or dried flowers are used to make tea.



With vitamins, minerals, amino acids, secondary plant substances and more, Moringa is the healthiest plant with the highest ORAC value of any known plant and contains 46 antioxidant substances.

If you use a Moringa product regularly, you do not have to worry about supplementing Vitamin C, extra proteins, minerals or amino acids because Moringa contains everything the body needs in its well-balanced composition.

25x as much iron as spinach
15x as much potassium as bananas
17x as much calcium as milk
15x as much potassium as bananas
7x as much vitamin C as oranges
7x times more vitamin B1 and B2 as in yeast
6x as much polyphenols as in red wine
4.5x as much folic acid as in beef liver
4.5x as much vitamin E as found in wheat seedlings
4x as much vitamin A as in carrots
2.5x as much carotene as in carrots
2x as much proteins as in soy or yogurt
2x as much magnesium as in Brown Millet
2x as much dietary fibre as in Whole-wheat
1.5x as much essential amino acids as in eggs
1.5x as much zinc as in a pork cutlet
A very large amount of natural chlorophyll
and very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9)
The following products are made of Moringa :


Moringa Vulcano tea,

from handpicked crushed and dried leaves.

Moringa Vulcano Cutted leaves,

cut leaves for use as a tea, or to sprinkle over foods or as a seasoning.

Moringa Vulcano powder

Mix 2-3 teaspoons daily with Muesli in yogurt or in sauces or soups or in smoothies.
You should take half the daily amount when cooking the product. Cooking the product is said to produce Cancer prophylaxis.

Moringa filled capsules for convenience ( Soon available)

Daily at breakfast, lunch and evening take 2-3 500mg capsules before or after eating.